Welcome to Manchester…Record Shop City.

We still have one of the largest and most diverse range of music retailers outside London,and this is our guide to as many of them as we can list. Whatever kind of music you are into, Manchester has a shop for you…you’ll find everything from uber-hip Indie Stores, Cafés that also double as record shops, specialist stores and some hidden gems where the dedicated crate diggers go to find something unique and special. We’ve included a handy guide to each one, with all the details you need, opening hours, and our unbiased reviews. We’ve also added shops from the surrounding towns of Greater Manchester and beyond. If we’ve missed any shops let us know as we do keep finding ones we never knew were there.  None of the shops has paid for advertising space or offered us discounts or anything else for that matter. We’re doing this for nowt, cos we love ’em! The shops we feature of course rely on the support of dedicated punters like you so Use ’em or Lose ’em!